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Hawthorn Poultry is based in Worcestershire, however we still take chickens to Cambridgeshire for customers. We started with garden chickens 15 years ago, (although Jan grew up with chickens). These stunning birds then resulted in our chickens growing into a very large hobby! We have been breeding our rare breeds for 10 years and our enthusiasm for these beautiful birds has never diminished.

We breed Large fowl Brahmas, Orpingtons, Australorps, Cochins. Utility Light Sussex, Ixworths, and Gauloise. We also breed Pekin Bantams.

We are passionate about the birds’ welfare. All our birds are kept in extremely large, spacious pens and have full access to grass. This ensures that the birds have the freedom to behave naturally and therefore have the life that they deserve.

There are hours of fun to be had watching happy, free-ranging chickens enjoying themselves. Many of our birds have access to over two acres, and as such the stocking density is very low.

We are very happy to give advice on the suitability of any of our birds to individual requirements. If you are not sure on housing and space needed then please ask, they are big birds.

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