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Legarth Geese

They are thought to have been developed from the Embden. They are docile and easy to manage. We find they do not require as much grazing as other breeds.

It is the top selling gosling in the UK – for fast, efficient growth and a high meat yield. It is possible achieve very good weights with correct feeding and care of these large framed geese. However, weights will vary depending on management, environmental and weather conditions from year to year. We do not find that these Geese mix with Brahma chickens. In fact I would not recommend mixing them with any heavy slow moving chicken!

In our experience they do not sit reliably, in fact their sitting seems to be on a part time basis! I hatch mine under the Franconians, or in an incubator. They will raise the goslings as soon as they are off heat.

Franconian Geese

They graze a lot more extensively than the Legarth geese. They are, in our opinion, more nervy than the Legarth. They are excellent broodies and sit very well. They are also good parents.

This is an old German breed from the northern parts of Bavaria. It is a small goose, weighing between 4 to 6 kg (10 to 15 lb).

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