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We only breed Golden Guernseys.

The first reference to Golden Guernsey goats is in an island Guide Book of 1826, but it was not until the 1930s that Dr Tracey, a British Goat Society judge, noticed these outstanding golden goats and suggested to Miss Miriam Milbourne that she should revive this almost extinct breed.

She set about this task with much enthusiasm, founding her L’Ancresse herd.
In 1970 due to Miss Milbourne’s ill health a Trust was set up to look after the remaining stock and out of this Trust the Golden Guernsey Goat Breed Society was formed.
The first successful imports were in 1965 and the mainland club was formed in 1968.
The British Goat Society Golden Guernsey register was opened in 1970.
They produce excellent milk but do not produce as much as the larger dairy breeds. Butterfat and protein levels are generally the same as most other breeds. Many are kept for maintaining the breed and also as pets. They make great pets! They are suitable for those without grazing who have a very small plot of land. They do not really graze but browse extensively. We also find that if they can reach browse they climb on fences, and unless the fencing is good quality they break it down. They are very friendly goats and ours are contained with 4ft fencing. The kids can, in the early stages, fit through sheep stock fencing!

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