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Sussex chickens are believed to have been first bred in Britain around the time of the Roman invasion of AD 43 making them one of the oldest known breeds. Originally bred as a table bird the Sussex has since become a dual-purpose bird, being excellent for both meat and egg production.

The chicks mature quickly for a heavy breed. Table ready from about 18 weeks. The original colours were the Brown, Red and Speckled, and Silver is the latest variety. The breed was prized as table fowl more than one hundred years ago and, more recently, the Light Sussex was very popular for the laying trials of the ’30s.

The light Sussex has a white body with a black tail and black wing tips. Its neck is white, striped with black and has a very striking appearance. The Sussex chicken is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surroundings. They are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces, although they breed better in larger spaces. The hen frequently goes broody. They are good foragers and are generally vigorous and hardy as a garden fowl.

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